The map above shows how close our student properties in Jesmond are to Newcastle city centre, both universities and the new business schools.

Jesmond and Sandyford – quite simply the best locations in Newcastle

Student houses with 5, 6, 7 or 8 bedrooms.

Newcastle, although it is not a large city has several areas that offer student housing:

Jesmond, Sandyford, Shieldfield, Gosforth, Heaton, Spittal Tongues, Quayside


Jesmond is one of the closest areas to both universities and our student property in Jesmond is very popular with students from Newcastle University. With it being so popular with students, consequently the properties here cost a little bit more but always go first. We have a good selection of property in Jesmond from a 2 bed flat to a 8 bed house. Jesmond has a great mix of families, young professionals and students and three shopping areas that cater for everything from a ready meal to designer clothes. For the active there is Jesmond Dene and also several gyms, tennis courts, swimming pool and library. The less active will enjoy the social scene with several bars and numerous quality restaurants throughout the area. There are good transport links with three Metro stations and a regular bus service enabling easy access to the city centre and surrounding areas. If there is anything specific you would like to know about our student property in Jesmond please contact us.


Sandyford is very popular with students from Northumbria University and the new business facility as its so close. Sandyford being the closest suburb to Newcastle city centre means there is no need to use public transport but if it was needed there is the Coast Road bus route and also Jesmond Metro station. Sandyford as it is very affordable and being so close to town it is easy for students to socialise in either the city centre or Jesmond. We have a good selection of property in Sandyford from a 6 bed maisonette to a 7 bed house. Sandyford has its own shopping area which has everything from take away shops through to supermarkets right on its doorstep and is also a great place to go and eat out at places like Mr Lynch and As You Like It . If you want any more information on our student properties in Sandyford please contact us.

There are other areas of Newcastle listed below but they are not as popular as Jesmond and Sandyford.


Gosforth is just a little too far out to be of great interest to students as public transport will be needed, it also tends to be a place more suited to mature families or first time buyers. We do not have any property in this area


Heaton used to be a popular area with students but as they have become used to the easy access from Jesmond and Sandyford do not seem as keen to live there although the rents are now quite competitive. We do not have any property in this area but a company that we can recommend is Heaton Lets that is run by Pat Martin

Spittal Tongues

This area is very close to Newcastle University and some of their Halls. There are not many large shops in this area and few places to socialise so people living here will generally travel into town to socialise. We do not have any property in this area


This is the same as any renovated dock area with many expensive 2 bed apartments, restaurants and bars but no shops. There are a lot of offices in this area along with the social outlets and most people tend to go down for an evening out rather than living there. We do not have any property in this area

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